The CARES Initiative

The Power of Science for HIV/AIDS

Drawing from our history as a leading biomedical life science company, we’ve collaborated with healthcare leaders to develop breakthrough HIV monitoring solutions that contribute directly to the treatment process. Your mission to deliver timely HIV monitoring impacting treatment decisions in regions hardest hit by the disease drives Beckman Coulter. At Beckman Coulter, we’re bringing a world of CARES to a world in need.

The CARES initiative was launched and driven by a social and civic responsibility to support the fight against HIV/AIDS. Public and private partnerships are being explored to identify areas in which Beckman Coulter can contribute to this broader purpose. We seek to develop alliances with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), implementing partners, and health policy organizations to align our efforts.

Tiered Laboratory Networks

Laboratories are the backbone of the entire public health system, and standardization is the key to success in order to facilitate collaboration and communication between them.

Within a tiered public healthcare system, near-patient testing in many cases still means high-throughput testing, combined with centralized data collection and storage requirements.

While basic peripheral testing sites usually need to rely on Point-of-Care testing due to infrastructural challenges, all other laboratory categories require state-of-the-art solutions that meet flexible workload requirements and automated integrated approaches.

WHO Guidelines

The 2013 WHO guidelines, and the 2015 revision thereof, call for an earlier treatment with antiretroviral therapy (ART) for people infected with HIV, and identify CD4 count and viral load analysis as the two main technologies to monitor ART treatment initiation and follow-up.3,6

This requires countries to build capacity for the analysis of immune system integrity, and especially for CD4 analysis platforms that can be used in both centralized and regional healthcare facilities.


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