Workstation PrepPlus 2

Maggiore precisione e produttività tramite la preparazione cellulare automatizzata

Pipettaggio preciso di reagenti, campioni dei pazienti, controlli e fluorosfere nelle provette figlie dei caroselli XL-MCL e FC500 con lisi eseguita automaticamente su TQ-Prep.


The Coulter TQ-Prep workstation standardizes whole blood lysis for flow cytometric analysis. In response to the increasing demands on laboratories to perform immunophenotyping and CD4 measurements, the TQ-Prep workstation is the ideal way for your lab to meet its needs. Direct compatibility with the Cytomics™ FC 500 Series and Epics® XL•MCL™ flow cytometers ensures efficiency, cost savings and reliable operation.

The COULTER TQ-Prep workstation is intended to prepare leukocytes from whole blood for In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) use when paired with the COULTER ImmunoPrep Reagent System and cleared Beckman Coulter IVD applications and cleared Beckman Coulter flow cytometers.


  • Reduced number of repeat samples for cost & labor efficiencies
  • User-friendly interface with icon-driven touch screen
  • Sample throughput of up to 32 samples in 24 minutes


  • Maximum reliability with minimal maintenance
  • Continuous real-time feedback allowing operators to follow incubation & lysing processes


  • Onboard incubation and lysis cycle processing for walkaway operation
  • Advanced syringe pump system for precise & accurate reagent dispensing 


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