nizonPLUS Cell Washer

The nizonPLUS cell washer is an automated sample preparation device for lysis and separation (wash) of the liquid phase of blood(residual part of the lysis of red blood cells) from the solid phase (cells and white blood cells) for cytometric determination of marked cells. Cell lysis takes place through the release of a programmable an appropriate solution. Washing is performed through specimen centrifugation with subsequent cell sedimentation and supernatant, removing RBCs, platelets and other contaminations while preserving the white blood cells.Up to 32 specimen tubes can be accommodated and processed in two batches of 16 tubes each directly on the 32 position MCL carousel compatible with Beckman Coulter’s Epics XL, FC 500, Navios and Gallios cyto fluorometers. The nizonPLUS offers storing up to 10 methods (including two factory preset reference methods) and four modes of operation (lysis only,wash only, lysis&wash, double lysis). A touch screen user interface simplifies instrument control for novice and experienced users.

nizonPLUS is available in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republik, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom. nizonPLUS is not available in any other markets, including the United States.

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