Easy to learn and easy to use — at all experience levels

 Kaluza for Gallios employs cutting-edge technology to make high complexity flow cytometry easy for even the least experienced, while providing powerful tools for the most sophisticated user.

  • No database to impact performance—save your files to where you specify
  • Auto-layout feature for easy plot creation and sizing, zoom in/out, and guided drag and drop
  • Visual management tools to help you understand what is happening to your experiment and cytometer
  • No user profiles or login required to run acquisition
  • Set up a 10 color experiment in seconds


See data through innovative new plot types

Visualize and manipulate your data with multiple plot types in addition to traditional scatter, histogram and contour plots.

  • Quickly and easily classify cells with the tree plot
  • Radar plot with gates–
    • Why see 2D when you can see 3D?
  • Overlay histograms to compare multiple plots in one view
  • Overlay density and contour plots


Analyze MILLIONS of cells, not thousands

Manipulate as many as 10,000,000 events in real time! Interact with your data in new ways. Watch plots and statistics change as you modify gates with Kaluza patent-pending technology.

  • Work with large data sets in real time
  • Perform complex analysis with ease
  • Maximize your investment in computing processors


Intuitive user interface

  • Acquisition controls are right where you need them. Adjust flow rate, compensation and voltage with ease.
  • Visual management allows you to see what is in the carousel and watch data come in real time. Use the guided compensation wizard to help you create a compensation experiment.


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