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Minimize Downtime and Enhance Efficiency with BeckmanConnect™

We understand the importance of keeping your operations running smoothly and efficiently. That's why we've developed a suite of cutting-edge remote support tools designed to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Our skilled engineers are always ready to assist you

At Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, our skilled engineers have the tools and training to diagnose and often resolve your problems remotely. Using years of practical field experience, our engineers use BeckmanConnect applications to see what’s going on in your PC, gather information from your system, and see what you are able to see in your lab.

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BeckmanConnect™ Remote Support

This solution offers immediate remote assistance to adjust your instrument software, ensuring quick resolution of software-related issues without the need for on-site visits.

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BeckmanConnect™ Diagnostic Support

Our proactive approach to maintenance. By periodically syncing critical performance and maintenance data to our secure central system, we can analyze operating parameters and diagnose potential issues with trends, without your needing to send over static reports, and take longer time to diagnose root causes.

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BeckmanConnect Diagnostic Support


BeckmanConnect AR Support

BeckmanConnect™ AR Support

Harnessing the latest in AR technology, this version offers a revolutionary way to troubleshoot and resolve issues. Through your smartphone or tablet, our AR-driven guidance allows for rapid diagnostics and effective problem-solving, often leading to immediate resolutions.

Ideal For: Customers requiring a more interactive, visually guided troubleshooting process for hardware solutions


BeckmanConnect: Customized Solutions Merging Convenience, Efficiency, and Innovation in Technical Support

Each version of BeckmanConnect is designed with your needs in mind, providing tailored solutions that bring together convenience, efficiency, and the latest technology. Join us in redefining technical support, where every second saved is a step forward for your business.

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