MET ONE R4800 and R4900 Remote Air Particle Counters

The MET ONE R4800 and R4900 series remote air particle counters are affordable, reliable and provide accurate data in particle monitoring systems. A compact design with flexible sizing, flow rate and communication options address the specific needs of cleanroom operations in pharmaceutical, semiconductor, hard disk drive and flat panel display industries.

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Easy Integration

  • MET ONE R4800 series remote air particle counters use standard RS-485 serial communications
  • MET ONE R4900 series remote air particle counters use industry standard 4-20mA interface
  • Stainless steel enclosure compatible with most process environments
  • Compact size for easy mounting with a vacuum source, DC power & communication line

Data Management

  • MET ONE R4800 & R4900 counters respond to simple ASCII command instructions, including start, stop and report counts, send location number, etc.
  • Reporting data includes counter status & particle counts in two size ranges
  • Multiple display options via continuous monitoring feature (Particle Vision® Online & CIMScan® software


  • User-programmed alarm level detects high counts on first channel triggering an alarm 
  • Auto alarm reset at start of the next count cycle
  • Long-life laser technology for superior performance & extended service life
  • No fan allows proximate placement to sensitive processing areas


  • Sensitivity ranges of 0.5um & flow rates of 1.0 cfm
  • Onboard status indicator sets signal at connector for alarm Stay resident RS-485 configuration programming (count/hold times, alarm level/delay & scaling) maintained through power cycles
  • Sensor resistant to  vaporous hydrogen peroxide (VHP)

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