Kaluza C Analysis Software, 5-User (Network)


Kaluza C Analysis Software is a stand-alone program supporting data analysis from any Flow Cytometry Standard (FCS)-compliant file, regardless of the manufacturer. This software is listed with the FDA as a medical device supporting the compliance needs of the clinical flow cytometry laboratory. This full-featured high-performance package has improved processing capabilities, but also specialized functions for a clinical workflow.  The robust QC reporting capabilities support instrument and assay verification records and streamline audit preparation activities.  Master report layouts establish standardized reporting and save technician’s time in creating reports.  The software integrates with the Laboratory Information System (LIS) and can export user defined statistics and graphs. Value pricing available for bundle of 5 concurrent seats, controled by the Network License Control Center, for the current released version at the time of purchase in perpetuity.


Product Category Flow Cytometry Analysis
Regulatory Status CE, IVD
License Type Networked Users
Number of Users 5
License Term Perpetuity
Compatibility Kaluza C Analysis can load any listmode file that is compliant with the FCS standard up through version 3.1.
Plot Types Add All Plots, Cell Cycle Analysis Plots, Comparison Plots, Contour Plots, Density Plots, Dot Plots, Histograms, Overlay Plots, Radar Plots, Tree Plots
Gates Auto Gates, Boolean Gates, Ellipse Gates, Hinged Quadrant Gates, Linear and Divider Gates, Polygon Gates, Quadrant / Staggered Quadrant Gates, Rectangle Gates, Showing Gated Populations as Rare Events, Viewing Gate Logic
Statistics Arithmetic Mean, Coefficient of Variation (CV), % Gated, % Grandparent, Half Peak of Coefficient of Variation (HPCV), Median, Mode, Number, Standard Deviation (SD), % Total
Compensation Adjusting Compensation, Automatic Compensation Calculation, Exporting Compensation for use in Navios Acquisition Software
Report Output Approval Signature, Comparing Report Sheets, Configure Report Sheets including layout formatting, Export information to Laboratory Information System, Export plots and data for use in other applications, Master Page, QC Reports including Levey-Jennings
Operating System Windows® 7 │ Windows® 8.1 │ Windows® 10

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