Isolamento da Tessuto di Mammifero

Il kit Agencourt DNAdvance è un metodo basato sulla tecnologia SPRI per il trattamento di DNA genomico proveniente da diversi tipi di tessuti. Il kit è completamente automatizzabile.

DNAdvance for Tissue Workflow

Genomics DNAdvance Workflow


Turnaround and Scale
Combining the DNAdvance kit with Biomek Workstations offers a high throughput and walk-away solution; 15 mins hands-on-time for 96 samples and 1 hr 46 mins for 96 well plate.

High Recovery of Nucleic Acids
DNAdvance consistently delivers superior recovery of nucleic acids. Isolate up to 40 ug of DNA from a variety of tissue types, e.g. brain, kidney, liver, lung, and tail.

Downstream Applications
DNA isolated with DNAdvance is compatible with a variety of downstream analysis tools such as PCR, qPCR, SNP genotyping, and sequencing.

Agencourt DNAdvance

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Product Specifications

Application Uses Genomic DNA
Format Liquid
Starting Sample Material Tissue
Automated Available Yes
Item Specifications Referenced A48706

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