RNAdvance Cell v2 Performance and Data

Total RNA Isolation and Purification from Cultured Eukaryotic Cells

The RNAdvance Cell v2 kit is built on SPRI paramagnetic bead-based technology and reliably delivers high RNA recovery and purity without the need for filtration or centrifugation. The RNAdvance Cell v2 chemistry is an automation-friendly process for isolating total RNA for use in NGS, microarray and real-time qPCR applications.

  • Compatible with downstream gene expression analysis techniques:
    • NGS
    • qRT-PCR
    • Microarray
  • Efficient removal of genomic DNA and other contaminants
  • Compatible with extraction of high-quality total RNA from cultured cells in a 96-well format


High recovery of RNA by RNAdvance Cell v2

RNA was extracted from 5x104 MRC-5 cells using RNAdvance Cell v2 and other suppliers’ kits. (Left) Samples were quantified using the NanoDrop (Thermo Fisher Scientific). The RNAdvance Cell v2 kit recovered higher amounts of RNA than other commercially available kits. (Right) Purity of the samples were assessed using the NanoDrop (Thermo Fisher Scientific). For MRC-5, RNAdvance Cell v2 purified RNA with A260/280 ratios within satisfactory ratios.

RNAdvance - RNA Extraction from Cells - Yield RNAdvance - RNA Extraction from Cells - Purity



High Quality RNA from a Variety of Cell Lines

RNA was extracted from 5x104 MRC-5, ACHN, HCT116 and PANC1 cells using RNAdvance Cell v2. Samples were quantified and assessed for purity using the NanoDrop (Thermo Fisher Scientific). RNA yield was cell line dependent, but RNA quality was consistent between all cell lines and was within satisfactory A260/280 ratios.

Cell Type Yield (µg) A260/A280
MRC-5 1.80 2.02
ACHN 0.50 1.98
HCT116 0.32 2.00
PANC1 1.00 1.93


Visual Workflow

Genomics RNAdvance Cell v2 Workflow

  1. Lyse cells in lysis buffer and proteinase K
  2. Bind to RNA to magnetic beads
  3. Separate magnetic beads with Wash Buffer and 70% ethanol to remove contaminants
  4. Treat samples with DNase I
  5. Rebind RNA to magnetic beads with Wash Buffer
  6. Wash magnetic beads with 70% ethanol to remove contaminants
  7. Elute RNA from magnetic beads
  8. Transfer to new plate


Products to Extract RNA from Cells

A47942 RNAdvance Cell v2 Kit  100
A47943 RNAdvance Cell v2 Kit  960



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